New! Dashboard Service - 60 Day Free Trial!

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Everyone loves a good dashboard - and so do we.  Dashboards can pull together the metrics that matter most to the business, so you know whether you're on track or need to 'manage by exception'.

They make data look cool too! But it can be complicated getting it into one place, uniformly presented - not to mention expensive if that's a custom solution!.  This is where we add value - a bit of creative problem solving to develop a flexible and cost effective solution that will process your data, help you make sense of it and derive actionable insights for your organisation.

The service is ready now - but want to try before you buy?  No problem - we're offering a 60 day free trial for prequalified participants* that will help you get to experience the services, and for us to get to know your data.  After the trial, we'll have a review so that we can tailor the dashboard to your needs, within a pricing plan that suites So if you've got the data and the need to see it visualised (see guide), fill in the form below to register your interest:

*Terms & Conditions

  • Applications will be accepted based on a range of criteria including data quality, completeness and scope.
  • The deliverables include one complete dashboard of up to 10 metrics (more time permitting)
  • The dashboard may include tables and charts based on a variety of data sources
  • Included data sources will be conditional on those to which the client can provide access and from which we can successfully extract required data
  • Scope does not automatically include data cleansing, although we will do what we can on a low priority basis
  • Work may include up to 2 days effort - more at our discretion
  • Delivery timing will be based on 'normal' scheduling and availability
  • One data refresh per month may be included, conditional on data quality

Ongoing refreshes?  We'll ask you again how you found the service - if it's valuable to you, let's keep going.  Pricing will be determined consultatively after the trial phase, but like all our services we aim to keep costs as low as possible, leveraging the best in open source and cloud technology.

Complete the form below to apply!