Managed Services Benefits

Competitive Advantage is increasingly achieved through data and marketing technology, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to foster and retain the capability in house - Managed Services offers a solution.
Audienceware adopted the Managed Services model a soluition to this problem, so that clients can focus on core strategic activities in house, working with us to take care of the execution.  Whilst the traditional view has been that in house staff is a 'safer' option, it's often more risky as investment is tied to the individual, who may or may not have all the skills to perform to expectation, and the reality is that when people move, their knowledge is often lost to the organisation.
We believe the Managed Services model provides greater long term sustainability and performance benefits - see this list of detailed benefits for you to consider whether Managed Services is right for your organisation:

Knowledge & Productivity

  • Knowledge Management: documentation of all client platform configurations and developments, relevant technology usage
  • Productivity: knowledge and Skills transfer passed on to clients, Workflow optimisation both internal and external (customers)
  • Marketing Best Practice: advice to make best use of Web, CRM and Analytics to maximise effectiveness and retention

Skills & Expertise

  • Diversity: broad range of skills across the team from business through to technical
  • Depth: domain expertise in an array of fields impossible for an individual to acquire
  • Highly Qualified: including postgraduate MBA, Masters Computer Application
  • Experienced: 100’s of years of experience across the resource pool, including Project and Resource Management
  • Current:  continuous internal investment in emerging technologies and best practices

Availability & Support

  • Ticketing System: managed support desk, access via web and email with timetracking
  • Leave cover:  reassignment of tasks, shared knowledge through documentation
  • Scalable:  ability to add or remove resources to meet peak demand or project needs
  • Priorisation: automatic or client discretionary escalation defined by SLA


  • Open Source: low total cost of ownership, access to development communities
  • Freelance resources: affordable, scalable, ethical, global marketplace (UpWork)
  • Economies of scale and scope: advantage for clients to utilise common solutions, volume discounts (, email)
  • Reserve pricing: ‘contract’ vs ‘pay-as-you-go’ rates