CRM & Email Marketing

  • CiviCRM developed, maintained, customised
  • Email Tools, List Management
  • Response Tracking & Reporting

CiviCRM is the best open source CRM system on the planent - designed for NFPs, we find it works for any business who need contact management and personalised messaging, as well as case, membership & event management and much more.  We manage the end-to-end process to get organisations up and running with CRM, tailored to their needs with Website and other data integrations.

Audienceware's professional email marketing tools offer all the essentials for campaign management, with our help as required to ensure the process of preparing and sending email campaigns runs smoothly.

Through best practice campaign planning, data management & analytics, we can help you continuously improve targeting and relevance by customer segment, never losing sight of the basics to keep it all manageable:

  • Deliverability - a good reputation with your customer' ISPs so they trust your emails and let them through
  • Legality - make sure your lists are maintained, and you don't email anyone who as opted out
  • Measurability - tracking your marketing helps you maximise response rates, conversion rates & incremental revenues

There's an email package to suit everyone - all email includes list management, campaign execution and tracking.  There are several options from which to choose based on the volume of email you need to send.  Read more about some of the tools we recommend and host on behalf of our clients:

  • CiviCRM - powerful, scalable and affordable CRM with Drupal integration, designed for notfor-profts but viable for commercial businesses too
  • Sendy - a simple but cost effective database marketing solution, delivered via Amazon SES

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