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Marketing Services

Audienceware Marketing Services are a new suite of offerings designed to support clients with marketing & communications execution.

The new services are being developed in response to a growing need for client side support beyond technical enablement, to help 'realise' their strategic marketing aspirations, and fully leverage the available technologies. 

Currently in 'alpha' development, Audienceware Marketing Services are offered to clients on an invitation basis. 


Design Services

  • Scope
  • HTML / Responsive Email templates
    • HTML / Responsive Landing Pages
    • Print or Online Advertising
  • Base Service
    • Compose copy provided by client
    • Apply images selected by client
    • Prepare draft art for client approval/modifications
    • Prepare final art for production
  • Extras - Images
    • Provide client with access to stock service
    • Image purchase
  • Out of Scope
    • To be provided by the client or a creative designer
      • Image search and selection
      • Creative Design

Database Marketing

  • Scope
    • Bulk Mailing Setup & Execution
    • Templates/Copy provided by client or Design Services
    • Contact data provided by client
    • Campaign coordination
  • Base Service
    • List Preparation
    • Apply Segmentation to client specifications
    • Set up Mailing with Templates and Lists
    • Insert standard ‘mail merge’ tokens
    • A/B Testing
    • Schedule & Run
    • Run effectiveness reports
  • Extras
    • Tech support
      • ‘Smart’ templates / custom tokens or
      • Advanced
    • Repeat/revised content<
    • Complex multistep campaign execution
  • Out of Scope
    • To be performed by the client or a copy writer
      • Content origination / copy writing


  • Scope
    • Page setup
    • Content Posting
    • Advertising management
  • Base Service
    • Create Social Media Pages
    • Apply client design concept, images and core content/profile
    • Apply posts provided by client
    • Advertising
      • Create advertisements using client provided content
      • Apply targeting criteria defined in consultation with the client
      • Monitor spend within budget
      • Enable reporting
  • Extras
    • Deep integration with website and analytics
  • Out of Scope
    • To be performed by the client or a copy writer
      • Content origination / copy writing



  • Time and Materials
  • Standard Rates apply
  • SLA Applies


  • Standard rate for Base hours per month
    • Bankable i.e. pull hours forward or back
  • 50% Bonus hours
    • Non Bankable i.e. current month may scale to 150% of standard hours
  • Escalations
    • 1 or 5% (whichever is greater) Urgent escalation at no charge
    • Additional escalatoins at priority rates


  • Service Request form to be complated by the client
  • Audienceware response - SLA Applies
  • Clarification of brief and confirmation of scope inclusions/exclusions
  • Scheduling and execution


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