Hosting Recommendations

We're not in the hosting business, but we're often asked by clients for recommendations - we're happy to make the recommendations below based on our experience and those of our clients.

Web Hosting

    Cloud Computing - Amazon Web Services

    AWS are the leader in Cloud 'Infrastructure as a Service' - we use AWS for all our own hosting, and manage AWS servers on behalf of our clients. 

    AWS is a logical next step beyond standard web hosting, and whilst it's possible to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server with Crazy Domains or other hosting providers, our recommendation is to consider a move to AWS.


    • Cloud based Linux Servers
    • Completely configurable
    • Scalable disk space
    • Cost depending on spec, disk space and add on services, commonly $25-$100 for a single server powering a moderate traffic site

    Tech Support by AWS

    • Hardware maintenance
    • Billing

    What Audienceware would do

    • Website development and Support
    • Server management and software maintenance
    • Backup and recovery
    • Technical liaison with AWS
    • DNS Management insutructions for your Domain Registrar (or on AWS Route53 for Fully Managed Services)
    • Virtual Host Management

    Benefits over traditional hosting

    • Flexibility - up and down scale easily
    • Performance - powerful 'burstable' servers, complete control over server environment to optimise for your applications
    • Scalability - options for load balancing, CDN, caching, search etc
    • Backup and Disaster Recovery - separate database and file backup options, server 'point in time' snapshots
    • Value for money - pay only for what you use, option for 'reserve' pricing

    Standard - Crazy Domains

    Cients who prefer traditional hosting with Crazy Domains advise they have had a good experience, finding them responsive and helpful for initial setup (including migration), and ongoing support.

    Description (top plan)

    • Standrd web hosting provider on a shared server
    • $20.50 per month depending on the term
    • Includes unlimited disk space, databases and email
    • Backup and restoration

    Support provided by Crazy Domains

    • Domain, DNS Management
    • Hardware support
    • Server management and software maintenance
    • Backup and recovery

    What Audienceware would do

    • Website development and Support
    • Technical liaison with Crazy Domains

    Email Hosting

    We specialise in Email Marketing only -  quite different from Email Hosting for your day to day "office email" needs, for which we  recommended one of the Email Service Providers below.

    Some things to think about:

    • "Office email" means the email you send and receive from your local devices, usually 1:1 correspondence email;  more closely related to "IT" rather than Marketing, troubleshooting usually involves problem solving with local hardware and software configuration, or your ISP
    • "Marketing email" on the other hand is core to communicating with your Audience, often 'broadcast' in nature and best managed through central tools like CRM or email marketing over which we have full control - as the providers below specialise in Office email, and understand the support requirements that go with it, you'll be in the right hands for all your office email needs.
    • It is very common now for organisations to separate their Digital Marketing platform from their IT - many of our clients prefer to use their own IT service provider, however there are some great service providers on the market which we recommend and use, who can provide support for you directly

    Here are some service providers which we recommend:

    Link Price Features Disk Space Support Ideally Suitable For
    Zoho Mail
    $0 / month
    • Email
    • Single domain
    • 5 users
    5G / user 24 /7 A low cost email solution, low disk space, self managed, slower support response (up to 24 hours for email).  Paid options available with telephone support.
    Powered By
    U$5 / domain / month
    • Email / Calendar / Contacts sharing with Availability checking
    • Single domain
    • Unlimited users
    10G included, +50c/G 24/7 Organisation looking for a great value alternative to MS Exchange
    Crazy Domains Unlimited Email Hosting
    A$10 / month
    • Email / Calendars
    • Multiple Domains
    • Ulimited users
    Unlimited 24/7 Small organisation with multiple users and/or domains, Mac users, less requirement for collaboration, great value.
    YAHOO SMALL BUSINESS Email U$1.19 / user / month
    • Email / Calendar / Contacts sharing with Availability checking
    • Single domain
    • 10 or more users
    1TB included 24/7 Organisation looking for great value Email Hosting - single Email address available for U$3.19
    Google Mail for Work U$5 / user / month
    • Email / Calendar Sharing (via google)
    • Single Domain
    • Per user
    15G / user including documents 24/7 Small organisation with few users, easier for Mac users and those happy to use Google Apps vs Microsoft One Drive platform for collaboration
    Microsoft Exchange Online Plan 1 A$5.50 / user / month
    • Email / Calendar / Contacts / Task sharing
    • Single Domain
    • Per user
    50G / user 24/7

    Organisations requiring collaboration, more disk space (Plan 2 includes archiving). 
    Also included in Office 365 Business Premuim.
    Support from Microsoft directly.

    Crazy Domains Microsoft Email Exchange A$8 / user / month
    • Email / Calendar / Contacts / Task sharing
    • Single Domain
    • Per user
    Unlimited 24/7 10+ users, better suited for Windows/MS Office users, businesses who need collaboration features

    Once you decide on the service you want, you'll get all the help and support directly from the provider including setup of your local devices.

    We'll be on hand to ensure that your domain records are set up for you to use the service.

    Zoho Mail

    We have tested Zoho and are happy to recommend it to clients looking for a business grade email hosting solution:

    • Free entry level plan, 5 users, 5GB disk space per user
    • In addition you can use Groups, whichhave their own email 'alias' and act as distribution lists to any of your 5 users or external emails
    • Review all features and pricing to see if Zoho is right for you.

    Set up and migrating mail to Zoho

    Setting up your Email Client

    • Follow the instructions provided by Zoho here for IMAP or POP, and SMTP to send

    IMAP Tips for Mac users

    • follow the instructions here first then note these special comments from Zoho:
      • Yes, we do not support IMAP path prefix. So kindly remove the entry on the Path prefix field.
      • Do monitor if the emails on sent items are synchronized to the server after making the above change, else drag and drop not more than 200 emails in a single shot. Or you may export those emails and import them to the sent folder on the server using the instruction on the below link:
      • We recommend you to move emails from 'inbox/sent messages' and 'sent messages' to 'sent' and remove both if both do not have emails from different emails that were configured on the mail client.
    • If your Mac mail still isn't using the Sent folder, and you can see it in folders in your account then select the folder, and from the Mailbox menu, select 'Use Mailbox For' and choose Sent.  See instructions from Apple

    Mailbox Alias


    • To forward mail coming to a specific inbox to another address, follow these instructions:

    Filter Forwarding

    To forward mail for a specific condition, e.g. for a specific alias, try this:

    1. create an alias
    2. add a filter
      1. add condition "To" = alias
      2. add action - forwad to ...
      3. add action - delete


    To import mail manually (other than migrating), follow these instructions


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