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Audienceware Sponsors Civicon Canberra

Audienceware is proud to be a sponsor of CiviCon Canberra, Australia’s first ever CiviCon, a conference for all things CiviCRM, the world’s leading open source CRM system.

On the 23rd October 2017, Canberra’s National Library hosts the first CiviCon in Australia, which is an opportunity for the developer, service provider and user communities to come together to connect, share experiences and ideas for how to make the most from their CiviCRM engagement.

'The Last Mile'

What do we mean by "The Last Mile" of Marketing? We're referring to that extra effort required to actually achieve what you set out to do, without which all the miles travelled so far are wasted.
Unless you learn from marketing, and unless the learning makes a difference in the next campaign, may as well not bother and save your money. A lot of money gets spent on IT teams, CRM Systems, data,creative, marketing staff, consultants and more and yet how many of us are sure we are getting ROI from this spend?